Engage in The Science of Persistance to Increase Your Sales

Engage in The Science of Persistance to Increase Your Sales

Ask Valor Minds
Ask Valor Minds
Engage in The Science of Persistance to Increase Your Sales

When it comes to coaching sales, Jeff West is one of the best. Jeff West will teach you how to increase sales by Engaging in the Science of Persistence. Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll learn:

4:39 Pivoting in Life

6:10 Introduction to Said The Lady With The Blue Hair

8:39 You can’t earn a six-figure income on minimum wage effort

11:54 People Can make decisions based on logic alone, myth debunked

14:57 Combining Nuts & Bolts & a Culture of Leadership to grow

18:01 Engage The Science of Persistence

20:36 Building Trust & Relationships

24:36 Get involved in your community to become a community connector

26:35 Sales Book Recommendations

Who is Jeff West?

He has been a guest on national and international sales shows such as The Go-Giver Influencers – Making a Significant Impact, hosted by Bob Burg, The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore, The Author Your Brand Show with Doug Crowe, Monday Morning Madness with Lisa Wilber, Author to Authority with Kim Thompson-Pinder and Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs with Robert Peterson, and has been a quoted source for publications such as Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, the National Federation of Independent Business, and Peak Sales Recruiting.

For over 30 years, Jeff coached and led sales teams in multiple industries and was among the nation’s top sales performers and leaders. For over twenty years, he was an entrepreneur in field sales management with the Fortune 500® insurance company, Aflac.

To learn more about Jeff West check out www.jeffwest.com or connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffcwest/

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