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PR For Eberyday Businesses

Have you ever wondered what PR or Public Relations is and how you can apply it to your business? In the episode, we sit down with Andrea Pass The PI of PR, who has a public relations company and she shares tips on how to implement PR into your company. Public relations is about creating your brand, getting your message out, and building trust with your audience. Some of the different ways a company can use PR is by getting endorsements from other companies or publications ad sharing them online or on your website, sharing awards your company has won, or sharing content someone else has created about your company. Here are 4 ways a company can promote its business: 1. Have a great website with good content and your own images 2. Be active on Social Media Pages posting 3 times a week and sharing the awards you’ve won 3. Hire a PR company to help write your pitch and placing your pitch in front of the right people 4. Reach out to targeted media like trade publications To help your business with PR, Andrea is offering a Free 30-minute Consultation to our viewers. She can be reached at

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