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#ValorCares just got better!

Websites are a foundational piece to every businesses presence online. And to make websites stand out even more, we believe videos can increase engagement & tell the brand story. How about free videos for #ValorCares winners?

We are happy to announce our newest partner, WAYMARK, in providing online videos for one FREE month of Waymark’s subscription service – no strings attached!

Simply go to and either visit “Templates” to start making videos. When ready to check out, you’ll be prompted to create an account and eventually pay, and the coupon code will bring the total to $0.00. (Credit cards will not be changed unless they stay for more than 2 months.

What do #ValorCares winners receive with our Waymark partnership?

*Unlimited videos from our “Essentials” library and 2 videos per month from the Premium library, which includes Shutterstock, etc. Once a video is created, users can download it. From that point, 100% of the ownership of the video is theirs (even if they cancel the subscription).

How It Works

1) Every month our team will read through all the entries and we will pick one entry to give a free website build to.

2) You will still be responsible for the $75.00 a month hosting and maintenance fee as well as an SSL certificate for your website (this helps keep your website secure), but you will not be charged any fees for the actual build of your website (a $3,500 Value). You will also need to provide your content, company logo and any images you want us to use.

3) You will be responsible for providing us the content (wording), images, and logos you want on your website. 

4) If you are picked to be part of this program, you are granting permission to let Valor Marketing LLC highlight your company and your new website on social media. 

5) Your new website will be built on the WordPress platform with around 100 configured layouts for you to choose from. 

Non Qualifiers

1) Non-Profit; It’s not that we don’t care about non-profit organizations… we do! But this program was built specifically for those small business owners who are dealing with coronavirus implications for their business and helping to protect their bottom lines and their employees. 

2) MLM businesses; Sorry…Enough said. 

3) E-Commerce businesses; We LOVE building e-commerce websites and helping those types of businesses. But, those website projects are massive and the time and cost of building those types of websites is too much to completely do for free. If you do need an e-commerce website, please let us know. We will happily build them at a massively reduced cost right now. 

Check out the #ValorCares Winners websites:

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